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Baroque Alto
after Stanesby Jr.

A = 415 Hz or 392 Hz
Natural or stained boxwood

    By taking over his father’s workshop, Thomas Stanesby Junior became the most well-known woodwind instrument maker in London of his time. My model is based on his superb alto recorder that is now in the Musical Instrument Museum in Paris.
     For this recorder, I use natural or stained (with nitric acid) European boxwood. I can also make an extra body and foot to play at A392. Imitation ivory rings are optional. An estimate is available upon request.
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Flûte Alto Baroque Stanesby Junior

Voice Flute

Boxwood or maple on request

   The expression “Voice Flute” is ambiguous. The definition that suits me the best suggests that this recorder has the range of the human voice. This may explain why the “real” originals (for example Bressan) don’t play more than an octave and six notes. But today, most recorder players won’t accept that limit. That is why, even though I based my model on Bressan for his fantastic tone quality, I modified the foot in order to obtain the full range of a Baroque recorder. I addition to the Bressan model I propose an intrument based on J-C Denner's.

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Flûte de voix

Tenor in C 415
after Stanesby junior

A = 415 Hz
Stained maple or boxwood

on demand Kept in the Musée de la Musique de Paris, this special recorder by Thomas Stanesby Junior corresponds to the “true concert flute” (tenor in C) that he imagined playing in orchestras next to oboes and transverse flutes, which he describes in a eulogy of the tenor recorder. (text attached : pages 1 - 2 - 3 - 4)
    I chose this instrument for its incomparable sound qualities. This recorder has a large bore in which will withstand generous blowing while conserving its strength, tuning, flexibility in all its registers and homogeneity: in short, qualities as a solo instrument as well as an orchestral instrument. I make it with maple wood to keep the weight down, with either the original foot or furnished with a simple key, improving comfort for small hands.
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Flûte ténor en Do Stanesby Junior

Tenor in C 440
after Paul Bressan

A = 440 Hz
Stained maple or boxwood on demand

    I make this recorder, easy to handle and play, from a design by Vincent Bernolin after a Paul Bressan voice flute. It has a full and homogeneous tone, with an easy attack overall.

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Baroque ténor 440